How to Find the Year Your Yamaha Pianos were Made?

The impact on musical development that Yamaha music corp has had over the last century is undeniable, they provide affordable access to instruments worldwide, so today we are taking a look at the 5 best Yamaha digital pianos in Digital pianos make for an item of necessity for those without space or savings to cover the cost of the real deal. Yamaha digital pianos are extremely well made, and as they have evolved over time they have incorporated some invaluable features. A digital piano can only emulate its acoustic forefather, and some manage to do this more effectively than others. In our reviews, we will compare Yamaha digital pianos to see what makes each one a suitable option and as ever we have included our handy buyers guide in which we have collected and selected a few of your FAQ’s to answer. Yamaha DGXB. Check Amazon Price. Check Sweetwater Price. It is an keyed digital piano and each has Grade Hammer Standard weighting, simply put the action is heavier on the lower register and gets lighter as you travel up to recreate the tactile mechanism response of a traditional piano. Furthermore, it has touch response settings; soft, medium, hard, and fixed.

The History of Yamaha Pianos

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Piano Bench – A matching piano bench is standard, and is included in the box from Yamaha. 5-Year Warranty – Your AvantGrand is built to last, and Yamaha backs.

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All original including Boston tuners. It how plays and sounds great.

Yamaha Serial Number Lookup

Yamaha digital pianos continue their legacy of quality, playability, and piano-realism with sleek designs on the outside, world-class concert grand piano samples on the inside. Prized for their rich, nuanced tone and superior playability, Yamaha pianos have long been held as an industry standard. It’s no surprise that they can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious concert halls and recording studios.

It’s also no surprise that the company takes the same measured approach to its digital models.

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All playing levels will appreciate the superior tone quality and intuitive interface the CLP offers. As the first digital piano to ever feature individual weighting on every key, a graded touch feels like that of a grand piano. The Audio to Score function will produce a chord chart and piano score, while the new intuitive Stream Lights feature shows you which keys to play and when to play them. Beautiful and virtually button free, the Clavinova CSP leverages your phone or tablet to provide the most tech in tunes!

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Offer only valid on the purchase of specific Yamaha models between November 1, , and December 31, Rebate is only valid on new instruments.

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Jeffrey Shackell and Jeffrey Shackell Ltd. We are well known for our care and attention to detail with Yamaha pianos and the extra dimension and levels that we can take them to. Jeffrey Shackell has worked extensively with Yamaha Music UK in promoting the hand crafted CFS concert grand and much custom work has taken place to some of these instruments.

You will need 2 things to determine the age of your piano: www.​ Find the age of your Yamaha piano here: ​com. After you.

Here goes…. Beyond that, you will want to know what year it was made and whether there were any good or bad periods of Yamaha piano manufacture. If you look just to the left of the serial number of most Yamaha U3 pianos you will usually see a letter. Here are some bits of information about what those letterings stand for. If your budget is tight or you enjoy a particularly soft sound then this age range could be OK for you.

The serial numbers of these pianos will range from around , up to 1,, If the piano is in original condition or has only had minimal reconditioning work then you should try to avoid that piano. These models date from the early s, have serial numbers between 1,, and 2,, and are a better option compared with the U3F above.

Yamaha Piano Serial Numbers

Yamaha pianos are notably popular. Their manufacture quality is second-to-none and households across the world are proud owners of these handsome instruments. But the value of Yamaha pianos can depend heavily on the year in which they were made. Yamaha pianos remain a popular seller on the marketplace because of their quality of build.

Yamaha digital pianos continue their legacy of quality, playability, and piano-​realism with sleek designs on the outside, world-class concert grand piano samples.

Manufacturing is an art form in Japan which means build quality and quality control is consistently high. Quality does come at a price of course which is why many manufacturers are now opening factories in China, Indonesia and other places that don’t have a great reputation for build quality. I always remember This Article from a few years ago which gives credit to both Japanese and Chinese attitudes to “getting things done” albeit sometimes in very different ways.

This is worrying because it suggests manufacturers are putting their focus on cost rather than focussing on producing high quality products. The Yamaha U1 used to be made there and it probably still is for the local Japanese market but the Yamaha U1 is now made in various factories all around the world. I know that whilst Kemble’s UK factory was still in operation closed in they were making the Yamaha U1 on behalf of Yamaha.

Conclusion: Japanese pianos such as the Yamaha U3 have a consistently high build quality.

Finding the Age of Your Yamaha Piano

You must be 18 years or older. Offer valid only on purchase of designated new and in-stock models of Yamaha pianos from an authorized Yamaha dealer, between January 24, , and February 29, Follow instructions to submit your rebate claim online at www. Sign in and register to claim your rebate using My Account. Rebate claim must include serial number of purchased qualifying piano, plus an electronic copy of your original sales receipt identifying the model of qualifying piano purchased, the authorized Yamaha dealer, and the date of purchase.

Pianos – Yamaha – United States. Clavinova CGP Grand-style digital piano in polished ebony. The fallboard conceals the operating panel so you can.

Stage Pianos are a hard market to break into and competition is stiff. Stage keyboardists are hard to please, since they demand a certain degree of finesse when it comes to design. Sounding great is a given, but stage keyboards also need to be portable, sturdy, versatile and so much more. These iconic red keyboards nail the right balance with a wide sonic palette and excellent hands-on control.

The Nord Stage 3 is one of the most recognizable stage keyboards currently available, and you can read about our thoughts in our positive review. On the other hand, companies like Korg and Roland take a different approach.

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