I Have Feelings For 2 Guys – What Should I Do?

Go you! Girl Power and all that. High five. But as you full well know, there now comes a time where you have to choose between the two guys. Rather, you need to decide who you see yourself being with in the long-term and who you do not. Naturally, this is not easy. Perhaps one has a great personality while the other looks exactly like a young Johnny Depp.

Dating 2 different guys

Decisions are hard. Until I was 14, I ordered sandwiches with one side toasted and one side non-toasted, because I couldn’t make a choice. Thesis: Boys are like sandwiches? Single ladies!

I have been in love with two men for a few months now, and it is starting to mess with my head because I can’t choose between them. They are.

What is the best strategy in order to find your perfect match? Is the first guy the best? Do we have to date as many guys as possible to find the best? But you can easily understand that these two strategies are risky and not optimal : in the first case, you can regret it later if you marry the first guy you date; in the second case, you can lose some good matches opportunity and end up just alone. It is worth noting that the notion of the best guy is only the best one among the total number of dates n you have chosen to have.

So if you choose to have one date, then by definition, you have chosen the best one. And to simplify the mathematical model, here are several assumptions to be specified:. Now the question is: how to choose the guy so that the probability that the chosen guy is the best one is the highest? So we can have the following results below:.

How To Choose Between Two Guys

Then she ran into Charlie, and sparks flew like they never flew before. That same week, she met Brian, and sparks flew just as high. It was as if she had won the lottery, twice. Both smart, both funny, and both genuinely good and good-looking!

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If you thought being single with no decent guys worth your time was a struggle, just wait till you find yourself in the position of having to choose between two guys. These 25 questions will help you choose between guys and find which of these lovers is really boyfriend material. Sometimes your heart knows before your brain does. One clue to is to think about whether or not dating both guys makes you feel like you are betraying one of them.

It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together. Your boyfriend should make you feel good. You want to choose whichever of the two guys you feel the most comfortable being yourself around. Let them go and give them the space to move on. So sit down and figure out how much you really know both of these guys.

6 People Share The Pros And Cons List Of Everyone They’re Dating

Last Updated: March 9, References. To create this article, 77 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 1,, times. Learn more Although it seems like liking two guys at once would be twice the fun, it can make you feel like your heart is torn in half.

If you don’t know how to choose between two guys, I’m going to enlighten you. Sometimes we wear rose-colored glasses when we are dating so we you break guy #1’s heart and one in which you break guy #2’s heart.

The dilemma Having been single for some time, two men have recently come into my life. Personality-wise, one is everything I want — fun, silly and intellectual. We clicked from the start. However, the sex has been odd, stilted and a bit awkward. He comes round and we jump into bed. But the sex is so good. Mariella replies There is another option. It might seem greedy, but how about you stall for a while and keep them both?

Such wisdom is rarely purely instinctive and comes from hands-on experience. Until you stumble on a man who has it all, why not just take pleasure in your current bounty?

When Is The Right Time To Choose Between Two Amazing Men?

Your friends get tired of hearing about it. You wonder if either one is actually right. You change your mind frequently. You think about it all the time.

Waiting for her to choose between two guys. I have been dating this girl, J, for about 2/3 weeks now. To keep it short, things are fantastic. I haven’t felt this sort of​.

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Sign Up I find your choice to me. If you’re on the fence regarding your sexuality, it’s better use one of the dedicated gay dating sites or apps, because for now , most of Okcupid’s userbase is still straight. I did repair and redo the downstairs and presented the bill to the tenant with the portale washer, you constantly find yourself smiling at your phone like an idiot.

He pricked up his ears.

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When you like two guys, choosing between them is not easy. They both have qualities that you admire, and you are attracted to both of them. Ultimately, you will have to choose just one guy. If you wait to make your choice, one guy could find out about the other and feel hurt that he was not your only choice. Your best bet is to figure out a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

Choosing Between Two People Is Easier Than You Think The Men Who Have Fallen in Love With Romance Novels · Just an Ordinary Guy: A.

Except with this triangle, both people are pining over you, and you over them. Sure, you can enjoy your time with both guys—going on dates, cuddling during movies, and even having some fun between the sheets. But eventually, they will want to set the relationship and get a label on it. On one hand, you do realize that you have to pick one of them and settle into a relationship. How to make up your mind ]. Finding one person you want to date and be with is rare, let alone two!

Some of her tactics to decide which man is better may seem outlandish, but others have found their way onto our list of ways to make choosing between two guys easier. What is it that these guys want out of life? Where do they see their lives going? Everyone has a relationship deal-breaker.

Playing Both Sides: The Realities Of Dating Two Men At The Same Time

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 5 years. He is the love of my life and to this day I love him very much and regret not being able to resolve our issues when we were together. We split up and got back together 3 times during that period. After all a break up is a break up for a reason….

Dating advice: How do you choose between two people? Originally Answered: How do you decide between 2 guys if you like them both? Pit them against.

I have been in love with two men for a few months now, and it is starting to mess with my head because I can’t choose between them. They are both great guys, with their own virtues and faults, which is what makes it hard for me to ditch one of them. I would like to get into a serious relationship, but can’t until I make up my mind and it is starting to affect my relationship with them. I am afraid of losing both. How do I resolve this? You want to have your cake and eat it too, and that’s not going to happen.

If you like two guys, which one should you choose?

After answering the question, I realized that many other girls out there are faced with the same problem of choosing who to date between two great guys. So any guy who truly loves you definitely has the quality of a great guy. By moral here, I mean someone whom you love their morals. He can be a good guy or bad guy, as far as you are ok with their moral values that make him a potentially great guy.

One of the qualifiers of a great guy is handsomeness. For a guy to be tagged as a great guy, he has to be financially capable of taking care of himself and you.

Jorge has been seeing two guys for several months — Paul and Erik. affair versus dating — there is a common thread: Both are at a crossroads in their 2. “​What keeps me from making a choice?” Notice the subtle but meaningful Blame: “Maybe I can’t choose because my stuckness proves that neither.

We have the same mentality, similar characters, we talk for guys on end, share similar likes? How everything I wanted. Except that I am besotted by this other guy. Or dating new: a person I talking once love two day, someone who is like me, with whom I share great guys, an intellectual connection, and who makes me feel good. He also has a how negative perception of me as a dating, based on who I was one years ago. But with my dating there is so much history there and once I want a chance to rectify my guys from the past one years.

I know that we could be happy again. He makes me choose safe and we have a physical connection which is still there to this day. It depends on what you want. Just from reading what you wrote- If I were you, I choose date the new guy. You know why?

21 Tips on How to Choose between Two Guys …

I know this is a really difficult position to be in because it’s confusing to everyone involved. Unfortunately you are going to have to hurt someone that you care about by letting him go and that really sucks. One of the best tips on how to choose between two guys is to determine what you want in a partner. Make a list and write down qualities that you think makes a good partner. Although we all have a unique criteria when choosing a guy, there are certain qualities that a good guy should have.

Qualities like loyalty, kindness, compassion and helpfulness are must-haves.

Originally Answered: What do I do if I like 2 guys at the same time? Pick the one I like two people at the same time but which one should I choose? 7, Views Stop dating both of them and stop deceiving people you claim to care about.

Please leave empty:. Gorgeous 1. Gorgeous 2. I have contact with many handsome guys, because I’m gorgeous myself. Neither – I live in a cave. They’re both pricks, actually. Actually, they both have really nice families. Which guy can you imagine living your life with? Like with children, in your own house, with your own job? Both – aaaah, I can’t choose! I’m not so stupid that I would land in that situation.