Lessons From The Sauna: the perils of online dating & more

Our skin is the largest elimination organ of the body. Sweating is fantastic in that it opens up the passageways of the skin and allows toxins to release freely. With technology dating back decades, infrared saunas boast a myriad of benefits, from reducing inflammation to detoxing the body. Infrared light dates back to the s, first discovered by Sir Frederick William Herschel, a scientist researching the light spectrum. John Harvey Kellogg, who designed an individual cabinet-like chamber that utilized the heat from light bulbs. The technology continued to advance in Europe and Asia, with the first infrared sauna coming out of Japan in the s. Today, infrared saunas have a presence worldwide and are popular with celebs, athletes, and anyone who looking for the perfect selfie backdrop.

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The only bias I have is from my own 25 year experiences taking saunas. Consider for a moment the history of Finnish Saunas: smoke, wood burning, electric and infrared. A wonderful testament to the tradition of authentic Finnish saunas is that today there are many working smoke saunas in Finland. Enjoying a smoke sauna is a rooted cultural tradition, and sauna enthusiasts enjoy this authentic experience as their ancestors did centuries ago.

Fire heats the stove and the rocks and thus the sauna room, and the smoke escapes via the chimney. This was a monumental step in the history of saunas as smoke saunas take all day to heat up and the smoke gets all over the place.

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An Infrared Sauna Date Is Basically the Romance Edition of Instagram Vs. Reality

By Michael Klerck. Oom who comes from Cape Town, South Africa, recalls his childhood there with stories of true-life characters that are used as a backdrop for his dating escapades in British Columbia, Canada. He takes the readers from one dating encounter to the next with graphic portrayals of the colourful and humorous characters that enter his life: ladies with small dogs, and those with large ones. A woman with her muscle car, and another with a donkey.

And so many people anecdotally swear that time in the hot box clears up their complexions and doubles as a workout (infrared saunas can.

Aromatherapy has been used as a form of medicine for centuries with records dating back to ancient times. Aromatherapy is the use of plant essential oils to improve mind and body functions. You have to try it to understand the uplifting experience. Essential oil scents can be used to elevate your emotional state before, during and after your workout session. It has the effect of increasing awareness and improving workout focus. The member that I was working out with had a 2oz bottle of Wyx spa spray.

She took it out, told me about it, and proceeded to spray it in her area and asked if I wanted it in my area. Of course I said yes. My favorite is the tea tree and melon blend from Wyx. Towards the end of the HIIT session, she sprayed both areas again. She told me that she absolutely loved the Wyx essential oil and that she was hooked on the spray for the workout!

When she sprayed my space I noticed an immediate heightening of the senses, and it really enhanced the sauna environment.

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And so many people anecdotally swear that time in the hot box clears up their complexions and doubles as a workout infrared saunas can increase your heart rate. Why not give my typical dinner-and-drink nights up for a romantic romp at my local HigherDose? Without hesitation, he said yes. What a keeper, right? Just drink water now! We get into the room and strip down to, well, nothing, then climb into the sauna—which is a large, glassed-in box with a wooden bench.

Okay now I’ve agreed to start off a second date in a mixed sex, fully naked, public sauna and I’m kinda freaking a little (we will be going out .

Starting as early as the Neolithic Age, the tradition of the public bath has changed over the years to adapt to evolving cultures and social norms. Hot baths, saunas, steam rooms, hot springs — spa culture takes on various forms throughout the world, and learning to relax like a local is a top attraction in many destinations. But as entwined as bathhouse culture has become with many modern day societies, the seemingly omnipresent practice of using heat to release toxins is actually tens of thousands of years old, dating back to the Neolithic Age when nomadic tribes would find relief from the bitter cold by soaking in the various natural hot springs they stumbled upon around the world.

Anthropologists say it may have been used as a temple, since bathing and cleanliness may have been linked to religious beliefs. Much later, around BC, the practice of public bathing was adopted by the Romans, and the bath became a vital part of society , visited by rich and poor. For many it was the only place to rinse off after a long week of manual labour and at the time, crowds of men and women bathed naked together , as the bath was a primary place to gather and socialize. The tradition of the public bath has since spread around the world, adapting to evolving cultures and social norms with differing customs and etiquette for each destination.

Turkish hammam Turkish baths, called hammams, were likely derived in part from Roman and Byzantine baths — an export of the Roman Empire that extended to Turkey in the 7 th Century. The concept was predicated on having places of extreme cleanliness, where purifying the body went hand-in-hand with purifying the soul. Popularized around AD , hammams were also spaces where major life events were celebrated, and bathing rituals were incorporated into weddings and births.

The hammam is still a common gathering place for socializing and relaxing today. The hammam typically consists of three main areas : a hot steam room with a large marble stone at the centre, where bathers lay as attendants scrub them and administer massages; a warm room for bathing; and a cool room for resting. Areas are typically gender-separated and nudity is optional.

Get Your Sweat On: Infrared Sauna 101

Helo’s sauna heater factory is located in Hanko, a beautiful seaside city on the Southern tip of Finland on the Gulf of Finland. Our facility includes a sauna house and outdoor sauna that is used by our employees and our guests. The video below is our year story.

Leadville’s Historic Loft w/ a Beautiful View + Sauna! Save This loft is in one of Leadville’s oldest and most historic buildings, dating to the early s, this.

By Molly Shea. September 26, pm Updated September 27, am. Every month or so, Sophie Everhard and her boyfriend, Owen Brown, head to trendy Soho hotel 11 Howard , take the elevator up to the third floor, rent a room for an hour and get sweaty. Tired of deafening nightclubs and crowded bars, a growing number of New Yorkers are turning to luxe infrared saunas for date night.

Higher Dose guests get a coupon for a free tequila-based drink. And the mood lighting is said to be a form of chromotherapy aimed at calming nerves. Pop singer-songwriter Micky Blue agrees. After several trips to Higher Dose on her own and with a friend, she finally brought a date there this summer. You get emotionally intimate.

But she adds that X-rated antics are rare.

Costco’s 3-person sauna may be the most WTF Black Friday deal we’ve seen so far

Polar Sauna is a brand of Helo, one of the largest sauna manufacturers in the world. Polar is located in Minnesota, the heartland of sauna in the USA, and Helo itself has its headquarters in Finland, the original land of sauna. Helo has a history dating back to , when the company was established in Wyborg that was after the second WW annexed by Russia. Helo produces more sauna heaters worldwide than any other company.

With technology dating back decades, infrared saunas boast a myriad of benefits, from reducing inflammation to detoxing the body. Here’s what.

Just kidding. But more than that, saunas can reduce the risk of heart conditions and memory disorders, improve endurance, and increase muscle mass. While new scientific studies are helping us better understand the benefits, humans have a rich history of bathing themselves in heat for various reasons, dating back thousands of years and seen across many cultures from the banyas of Russia to the sweat lodges of the American Indians and, most notably, the saunas of Finland.

The stress-relieving effects of sauna, or what is more appropriately termed hyperthermic conditioning, may seem obvious to some, but I would venture to guess those other benefits induced by heat stress — neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, and cytoprotective adaptations — are less well known. A traditional Finnish-style sauna is the most common type of apparatus you will encounter should you go looking for one at your local fitness center or spa, and it is the style used most often in the research literature.

An electric heater is used to raise the air temperature between and degrees Fahrenheit. An infrared sauna , which uses either far or near infrared wavelengths to heat your body directly, operates at lower temperatures than a traditional sauna usually to degrees Fahrenheit. This style is very popular, but due to the lower temperatures employed, it may be less effective at inducing the heat stress benefits of the hotter, traditional style.

Many people think that steam rooms are similar to saunas, but they do not raise your core temperature enough to induce the same benefits. And just to fill you in on a bit of sauna snobbery, many serious sauna users have absolute contempt for steam rooms and the people that frequent them, due to their inferior heating capacity, so just be mindful not to mention steam rooms out loud while sauna bathing.

No one wants to be assailed by sweaty, lobster red, sauna aficionados. Many dry sauna heaters have a section on top for hot stones. It is a sauna tradition to pour water on those rocks to create steam and moisten the air in the sauna a bit. Please keep in mind, however, that some electric heaters are not designed for loyly, so be sure to follow any posted signs asking you NOT to add water.

Sauna Speed Dating – Part 1